November Meeting Notes


Equity One will hold a public meeting on its Preliminary Plan at the Ballroom at 5521 Landy Lane on Tuesday, November 29 at 7:00 pm. Heavy attendance should be encouraged and attendees should speak on all the objections they have to the current Equity One Sketch Plan that carry over to the Preliminary Plan so those objections are noted for the Planning Board. RSVP is requested for the meeting.

On November 8, the County Councilmembers (in a District Council session) approved the Sectional Map Amendment for the Westbard sector, with only one amendment to the Planning Board’s submission, which reduces the height set for Site 6b (Park Bethesda, now the Residences on the Capital Crescent Trail) to 100 feet (rather than 110 feet) so that any additional height resulting from affordable housing in excess of 12.5% would not cause the building’s height to exceed 110 feet.

The Equity One Sketch Plan is currently expected to go to the Planning Board on January 19, 2017. Comments should be submitted by Monday, 1/16/17. The planning staff is still discussing issues with Equity One, particularly the buffer along the Willett Branch. The next meeting of the Willett Branch coordinating group will be on 12/7/16 from 10:00-12:00 am in the MNCPPC conference room. In the next month or so, we should glean information on the developing program to naturalize the Willett Branch and define a buffer. That ultimately should be crystalized by the staff report. CCCFH will coordinate with the Little Falls Watershed Alliance (LFWA) to create a sample letter to be sent to the Planning Board urging appropriate improvements and a buffer for the Willett Branch.

Bethesda Downtown Plan

CCCFH has submitted detailed comments on the Bethesda Downtown Plan to the Council.

FAA Flight Paths

Efforts continue to persuade the FAA: not to move the flight paths across the Potomac River into Montgomery County; to establish altitude limits; and to disperse planes so that no single neighborhood must endure all the additional noise.


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