October Meeting Notes

Westbard Sector Plan

It looks like the Equity One Sketch Plan may not be voted on in the Dec 8 Planning Board hearing.  The Equity One resubmittal is still in nonconformance with the Sector Plan, so the Planning Board can reject the plan, approve with conditions (but the conditions would be quite long), or request for a resubmission again.  The latter option seems most logical, but would then make the Dec 8 date difficult.

The sketch plan cannot be discussed by the planning board until the Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) is approved.  This may push the December 8 date out further. Further, the Save Westbard lawsuit may not make it onto the court trial docket until 2018, so if they are waiting for that to be decided for the SMA, we may be waiting quite a while.

Ecotone would like to do a trail with benches on one side of the creek, but they are having a hard time determining where the utilities are located.  The flood plain will change when the concrete is removed – the flood plain is somewhat small because the creek is fairly deep.  Planning is still working with Parks department to determine the right approach to the Willett Branch.

The letter regarding CCCFH comments on the Sketch Plan was discussed at length.  Stay tuned for the full letter!


The River Road entrance gates to WES should be open a minimum of 90 min in the morning and 2.5 hours per afternoon, with the times being set by the transportation committee.  There will be a sign on Little Falls preventing trucks from traveling onto Little Falls to make deliveries to WES.  CCCFH has worked on this issue for years, and is pleased that the river road gates to WES will be open. Learn more here.

Zoning Officer Proposal by County Council

A paid position, proposed by Roger Berliner, who would guide communities through the zoning process.  The CCCFH is in favor of this position.

Bethesda Downtown Plan

Hearing before the Council this week. Many folks, including those from the Town of Chevy Chase and East Bethesda, are very unhappy with the Planning Board Draft Plan.  Our letter to the Council is due by Nov 1, but the PHED committee work sessions have not been scheduled yet.

Subdivision Staging Policy

They are discussing removing the TPAR test.  Transportation Policy Area Test has produced only $1.46M in fees.


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