Capitol Crescent Trail – Little Falls Parkway – Alternatives Under Study

cap cres trail LFP

The Capitol Crescent Trail is heavily used by bicycles, joggers, and pedestrians.   Little Falls Parkway is heavily used by automobiles. M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks is studying the intersection in an effort to improve safety. Alternatives under consideration were presented to the public at Somerset Elementary School on June 13.  The presentation by M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks on June 13 is attached – see the link below.

Capitol Crescent Trail – Little Falls Parkway – Alternatives Under Study

Given the amount of auto traffic utilizing Little Falls Parkway the solution to this problem can have a substantial negative impact on neighborhood streets in the event that Little Falls Parkway traffic is severely constricted. The solution to the safety problem must provide both for traffic flow and for the safety of the Capitol Crescent Trail users.

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