Thanks to Sue Schumacher for attending the meeting and taking notes.

Montgomery County Civic Federation Report – 9 19 2018:

The September meeting addressed getting publicity or information about your group into the newspapers, or other social media outlets. First to talk to the group was Bernie Simpson who is a reporter. He stressed that you should have a short speech with the 5 “W”s when you call. This he referred to as an elevator speech. He pointed out that whatever you are promoting you must be sure that the news outlet knows whom to go to for quotes.  Is it you or are you the messenger and there is a spokes person for the group and or event. Brian Karem, Editor of the Montgomery Sentinel basically recommended going in person to see the reporter. He said phone calls go to voice mail and emails can be deleted, but standing there in person is hard to ignore. He also suggested that MCCF have a pod cast. His major complaint was that so many of the organizations that need to get information out to the public are not doing it because they are made up of seniors not young people and in so many cases have no idea how to do it.

Other topics covered included Farm Road. This has been going on for about 12 years.  The Planning Commission declared Farm Road as none existent. Therefore, the people who lived on it (poor blacks) could no longer get mail delivered or utilities. So they had to abandon their homes and rent somewhere. They are looking for compensation under the law that was passed in the Obama years that reimbursed the Japanese forced out of their homes in WWII.

Another subject was detached Accessory apartments on lots one acre of larger would not require hearings. MCCF voted to oppose this last year.

ZTA on September 26th dealing with Cell Towers in residential neighborhoods, which reduces th distance from the house from 60 feet to 30 feet and eliminates public hearings. MCCF voted against this last year.

Under New Business was the Bicycle Master Plan. As it stands now it will cost $6 Billion over 25 years. MCCF will address this during next month’s meeting.

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