Montgomery County Civic Federation Report:

The October meeting was on the proposed expansion of I-270 and the Beltway (I-495). Carol Rubin, Special Project Manager for this with the Planning Department and Chris Conklin Director for Transportation Policy with the county Department of Transportation. There was no representative from State Highway. Ms. Rubin explained that plans for 270 will be from the Beltway to 370 and the Beltway will be from the American Legion Bridge to exit 7, Branch Ave., in Prince Georges County. It will not go to the Wilson Bridge because it would cause a major bottle neck. The worst case scenario is 2 additional lanes on each side and neither speaker was up to date on the right-of-way. They also said that there are plans for express buses on the Beltway. In the Q and A it was pointed out that on the Beltway the exits are too small to carry current traffic unless totally rebuilt will not be able to handle this additional traffic. In addition, the streets that the exits feed into would also have to be updated for any of this to work.

On Zoning Text Amendments the MCCF opposes ZTA 18-07 regarding accessory housing that will no longer require public hearings. MCCF opposes this.

On the ZTA on cell towers within 30 feet of a residence MCCF opposes this.

On ZTA 18-06 MCCF is taking no position on this (MCCF needs much more time to develop a position than was requested by CCCFH).

Sue Schumacher

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