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March 2017 Meeting Notes

Bethesda Downtown Plan Reminder: The general approach of the plan is that the FAR is set in the 1994 plan, and they are mapping new heights in this update. If you want additional FAR, you have to acquire it somehow.

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February 2017 Meeting Notes

Bethesda Downtown Plan CCCFH, as part of a group of neighborhood associations, signed a letter to the County  Council. That letter is available on the website. Marriott is coming to Bethesda, which is great economically. Some new facts are coming

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CCCFH Letter to the Planning Board Regarding the Equity One Sketch Plan

The letter is succinct summary of CCCFH’s position on a number of topics contained in the Equity One sketch plan and addressed by a Planning Department staff report which will come before the Montgomery County Planning Board on Thursday, February

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January Meeting Notes

Capitol Crescent Trail and the Purple Line At a Planning Board meeting on the Apex building in early January, the Capitol Crescent Trail Tunnel below Wisconsin Ave came up – it also came up at a meeting on bicycle aspects

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CCCFH January Update

The next CCCFH meeting is scheduled for February 15.  A special meeting that had been slated for January 25 was cancelled. On Westbard, while not yet formally changed, the February 9 Planning Board hearing date on Equity One’s sketch plan is expected

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December Meeting Notes

Bethesda Self-Storage Plan Timothy Dugan, who represents Westbard Self Storage (Bethesda Self Storage Partners LLC), attended the CCCFH meeting to outline plans to build a storage facility behind the McDonalds on River Road. The maximum building height will be 50

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December CCCFH Meeting

CCCFH is holding its December meeting on December 21, at 8 p.m. in Somerset Town Hall.  There has been some maintenance on the building’s furnace and, as a result, the building may be a bit cooler than usual and the

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