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September Meeting Notes

Bicycle Master Plan David Anspacher of the Planning Dept presented on the the Bicycle Master Plan in the works. It is intended to appeal to those with low tolerance for traffic stress (approx 51% of people).  See the presentation here.

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July Meeting Notes

Update on 5550 Friendship Blvd At the last meeting, CCCFH voted to send a letter to the developer supporting Friendship Heights’ stance that they did not want redevelopment at this location. The developer responded that they are not trying to amend

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May 2017 Meeting Notes

Capital Crescent Trail Montgomery County Parks and the Park Police attended the meeting to explain the current status of intersection of the Capital Crescent Trail and Little Falls Parkway. There have been accidents, including one fatality at this intersection in

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March 2017 Meeting Notes

Bethesda Downtown Plan Reminder: The general approach of the plan is that the FAR is set in the 1994 plan, and they are mapping new heights in this update. If you want additional FAR, you have to acquire it somehow.

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February 2017 Meeting Notes

Bethesda Downtown Plan CCCFH, as part of a group of neighborhood associations, signed a letter to the County  Council. That letter is available on the website. Marriott is coming to Bethesda, which is great economically. Some new facts are coming

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September CCCFH Meeting

Equity One Sketch Plan Discussion with Robert Kronenberg & John Marcolin, Planning Department Scope: Current application for Westwood Shopping Center Where we are in the process: Right now, we are at the Sketch Plan Process which is the big picture.

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