Adopted June 3, 1973; Revised 9/19/2007
Revised November 17, 2010


ARTICLE I – Title and Purpose

Section 1         The name of this organization shall be the Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights (herein-after CCCFH).

Section 2         The purpose of the organization shall be to inform the constituent members of land use and other issues affecting the Friendship Heights and surrounding area, to coordinate the action of its members, and to take action as a group where necessary to enhance the quality of life in the Friendship Heights and surrounding area.


ARTICLE II – Membership

Section 1         Active Members

  1. The active membership is open to organizations within that area beginning at Pinehurst Circle on Western Avenue and then continuing on Western Avenue to Dalecarlia Parkway and then to MacArthur Boulevard and then to Sangamore Road and then to Goldsboro Road and then to Bradley Boulevard and then to Bradley Lane and then continuing for 100 feet back to Pinehurst Circle on Western Avenue, such organizations to include  incorporated towns, special tax areas so created by act of the General Assembly of Maryland, various civic associations, committees, and resident associations, whether located in or outside of said towns, villages, or special tax areas. The active membership is also open to similar organizations located within the District of Columbia that adjoin or are located near the membership boundaries.
  2. Each member organization shall be entitled to name two delegates to represent it in the CCCFH, and shall be entitled also to name two alternates to vote in case of absence from meetings of the regularly appointed delegates. Alternates have all other rights, including holding office and debate, of delegates.
  3. All delegates and alternates shall submit their names and the community they represent to CCCFH upon request.
  4. At any meeting where a hand vote or roll call vote is required, each community shall be allowed only one vote.

Section 2         Individual Members

  1. Individuals who have rendered especially valuable service to the area of Friendship Heights or to the CCCFH are encouraged to continue previous participation.
  2. An individual member is entitled to attend meetings and participate in debate and serve on committees, but shall have no vote and may not serve on the Executive Committee.

Section 3.        Admitting New Members and Seating Delegates

  1. The following organizations were charter members: Baltimore Avenue Neighborhood Action Committee, Brookdale Citizens Association, Inc., Chevy Chase Citizens Coalition, Chevy Chase Section 4, Chevy Chase Gardens Citizens Association and Chevy Chase Terrace Community Association, which in 1983 merged into Chevy Chase West, Chevy Chase Village Citizens Association, Concerned Citizens of Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Friendship Neighborhood Coalition of D.C., Green Acres-Glen Cove Citizens Association, Inc., Kenwood Citizens Association, Somerset Citizens Committee, Sumner Citizens Association, Village of Drummond, Westmoreland Citizens Association, Willoughby Tenant Association. Current membership includes the citizens association of Brookdale, Chevy Chase Village, Chevy Chase West, Drummond, Green Acres-Glen Cove, Kenwood, Kenwood Condominium, Kenwood Place Condominium, Kenwood House Cooperative, Somerset, Somerset House I, Springfield, Sumner, Sumner Village, Western Avenue, Westmoreland, Westbard Mews, and Westwood Mews and Wood Acres Citizens Association. New members and affiliates will be admitted by a 2/3 vote of the membership present and voting. CCCFH reserves the right to determine in this manner the organization that shall represent in the CCCFH any single community or interest.
  2. Membership may be terminated upon a vote of 2/3’s of the membership present and voting.


ARTICLE III – Dues and Assessments

Section 1         Dues

  1. The annual dues shall be set by the membership by majority vote and shall be payable in May.
  2. The right to vote shall automatically lapse if dues are not paid by October 1.
  3. Annual dues shall be used to cover regularly budgeted expenses as approved by the Executive Committee, or by the membership if in excess of one hundred dollars.

Section 2         Budget

  1. The Treasurer shall present a budget at the September meeting.
  2. The budget shall include such regular expenses, such as printing and mailing, information and publicity.

Section 3         Assessments

Actions requiring funds not covered in the budget shall be assessed the members.  The CCCFH may suggest the manner and/or the amount of such assessments.

Section 4         Contributions

Individual contributions will be accepted both for general and specific purposes, provided such a specific purpose has been endorsed by the CCCFH at a general meeting.

Section 5         Audit

As needed, an Auditing Committee shall review the finances of the CCCFH and report to the membership periodically.


ARTICLE IV – Election of Officers

Section 1         Officers shall be elected in May by a majority of those voting at that meeting.  In the case of replacements for unexpired terms, elections shall be held as soon as possible after the vacancy occurs.

Section 2         The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Chair.  It shall consist of three delegates, none of whom may be present officers.  It shall submit a name or names for each office to be filled to the membership one month in advance of the election.

Section 3         Officers shall serve two-year terms beginning June 1.

Section 4         Officers may be removed by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at a membership meeting, provided written notice has been given thirty days prior at a meeting of the membership.

Section 5         All officers and Executive Committee members must be a delegate.


ARTICLE V – Officers

Section 1         Chair

The chair shall have all powers and perform all duties commonly incident to and vested in the office of president such as presiding at membership and executive meetings, preparing agendas, appointing committees, signing checks for authorized payments,  acting as the spokesperson for the CCCFH,  and representing CCCFH and presenting the views of CCCFH at public hearings.  The chair is also responsible for monthly e-mailing of minutes.  The Chair may delegate any duty to the Vice Chair and, if the Vice Chair is not available, to any other officer, delegate, alternate or individual member.

Section 2         Vice Chair

  1. The Vice Chair shall perform the duties in the absence of the Chair or at the Chair’s request and is subject to all restrictions on the chair.
  2. The Vice Chair shall keep an official membership list showing the organizations who are members and the names and e-mail addresses of their leadership.

Section 3         Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall have all powers and perform all duties commonly incident in the office of recording secretary, keeping the minutes of executive and membership meetings, and keeping copies of official statements, papers and documents.

Section 4         Corresponding Secretary

The corresponding secretary shall have all powers and perform all duties commonly incident in the office of corresponding secretary, writing letters on positions approved by the membership.

Section 5         Treasurer

The treasurer shall have all powers and perform all duties commonly incident in the office of treasurer, collecting the annual dues, submitting a budget and maintaining bank accounts.


ARTICLE VI – Executive Committee

Section 1         Composition

The Executive Committee shall consist of the five above officers, one delegate elected at-large, and the past Chair.  If the past Chair cannot serve, two delegates shall be elected.

Section 2         Quorum

The Executive Committee shall have a quorum of four.

Section 3         Duties

  1. The Executive Committee is empowered to act for the membership between meetings; however, the members are the primary policy makers.
  2. The Executive Committee shall approve the depositories for funds. All checks drawn on CCCFH funds shall be signed in the name of the Committee by the Treasurer or the Chair.
  3. In situations in which there is insufficient time for the membership or Executive Committee to meet and vote, CCCFH may take action recommended by the Chair or by the Vice Chair if the Chair is not available, if such action is approved by two other members of the Executive Committee.


ARTICLE VII – Meetings

  1. Regular meetings of the CCCFH shall be held each month at a time, day, place designated by the Executive Committee, unless changed by a vote of the membership.
  2. Membership meetings constitute the action-taking and policy-making organs of the CCCFH.
  3. A quorum at meetings is at least one delegate from a majority of the active members.


ARTICLE VIII Rules of Procedure

The most recent edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary guide when not in conflict with specific provisions of these by-laws and amendments.


ARTICLE IX – Special Rules

Section 1         Regular E-mailing

The Recording Secretary shall submit to the Chair the minutes of the previous meeting for e-mailing before each meeting along with proposed agenda items for the next meeting, as well as other appropriate information.  This information should be e-mailed to each delegate well in advance of each meeting.

Section 2         Policy

  1. Overall policy and specific policy is made by the membership and implemented by the Executive Committee, the officers, and delegates, as individuals and groups in the name CCCFH.
  2. Any delegate may register dissent to any policy or any particular implementation of a policy, and such dissent shall be recorded by the secretary at the request of the delegate.
  3. All official testimony, statements to the press, letters or other official communications of the CCCFH policy and position shall be kept by the Recording Secretary.
  4. Statements on previously determined CCCFH policy may be given in the name of CCCFH over the signature of either the Chair or the corresponding secretary.


ARTICLE X – Adoption and Amendments

These By-Laws shall be enacted and may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present, provided they are submitted in writing at the previous meeting of the membership.

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