Friendship Heights

Letter to Counsel for developer of 5550 Friendship Blvd stating CCCFH position on the proposed project.

5550 Friendship 07092017

Park Fund Support Letter of February, 2018

The MoCo Department of Parks and Planning’s budget is consumed by large land acquisition and park restoration projects which leave few funds available for small park projects.  For example, the renovation of Williard Park has been in the queue for 23 years.  On February 7, CCCFH Chair Harold Pfohl testified in support of a “Park Refresher” Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) which would provide a dedicated fund and line item for smaller projects.  The link to the testimony is below.

TESTIMONY 02 07 2018 Park Refresher CIP No. P871902

Letter to Council Opposing Cuts to Park Refresher Budget

The budget submitted to the Council cut Park Refresher funds.  This would have a negative affect on small parks and the deferral of small projects, e.g., the Willard Ave Park which requires the conversion of an acre of land purchased over 20 years ago for parkland but currently encumbered by a small frame house.


Testimony to Planning Board Supporting Resolution 18-085 for Purchase of Property for Willard Ave. Park

There is no other area in the county that has such a high ratio of human beings to park area in immediate proximity to a park as the Willard Ave. park.  Urge proceeding with the acquisition





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