Member Communities

The Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights (CCCFH) is a dues-paying membership-based organization of civic associations, incorporated towns, resident associations and committees.

Membership is open to organizations within the area beginning at Pinehurst Circle on Western Avenue and then continuing on Western Avenue to Dalecarlia Parkway and then to MacArthur Boulevard and then to Sangamore Road and then to Goldsboro Road and then to Bradley Boulevard and then to Bradley Lane and then continuing for 100 feet back to Pinehurst Circle on Western Avenue. The active membership is also open to similar organizations located within the District of Columbia that adjoin or are located near the membership boundaries.

Current Members

Community Representative
Brookdale Bob Cope
Chevy Chase Village Pat Baptiste
Chevy Chase West Lloyd Guerci
Drummond Daniel Silver
Glen Echo Heights Harry Pfohl
Kenwood Jenny Sue Dunner & Pat Johnson
Kenwood Condominium Sue Schumaker
Kenwood House Cooperative Jean Iker & Judy Throckmorton
Kenwood Place Condominium Phillip Pradier
Somerset Marnie Shaul & Barbara Zeughauser
Somerset House Condominium Julie Davis
Springfield Phyllis Edelman & Pete Salinger
Sumner Village Condominium Cameron Whitman
Village of Friendship Heights Mike Dorsey & Melanie Rose White
Westmoreland Celia Martin & David Forman
Westbard Mews Lynne Battle
Westwood Mews Frank Anderson
Wood Acres Eric Fedowitz
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