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Bicycle Master Plan to County Council – Further Work Sessions Cancelled.

The draft Master Bicycle Plan status was discussed briefly at the February 21 CCCFH
meeting. Work sessions that were to occur with planners will not, and the plan is being
sent to the Council virtually as is. Julie Davis of Somerset House reports on this – see link  below:

Master Bicycle Plan – to Co Council

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Park Renovation Fund Support

The MoCo Department of Parks and Planning’s budget is consumed by large land acquisition and park restoration projects which leave few funds available for small park projects.  For example, the renovation of Williard Park has been in the queue for 23 years.  On February 7, CCCFH Chair Harold Pfohl testified in support of a “Park Refresher” Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) which would provide a dedicated fund and line item for smaller projects.  The link to the testimony is below.

TESTIMONY 02 07 2018 Park Refresher CIP No. P871902

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Westbard Update – More Information On Regency Plan

Westbard Update

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Westwood Shopping Center Redevelopment – Presentation of Plans,  Wednesday Evening, Jan 31 (details in pdf links below):


Westwood Shopping Center Notice of Pre-Submission Public Meeting dtd 1.1…

Please have a look at the attached invitation/announcement of a presentation by Regency Centers of their concept for redoing Westwood Center.  This redevelopment has been the focus of intense interest over the past couple years.

We urge attendance in order to be informed on a matter that affects all of us.

To RSVP to Regency Centers:

Email:  rsvp@maierwarnerpr.com

Call:  240 883 6494

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Westbard Self Storage – Letter to Planning Board


  • The proposed storage building’s northern wall should be located further to the south so that the Outlet Road path between the McDonald’s property and the storage building is sufficiently wide.
  • New Parcel 1, to be created on the western side of the site and dedicated to M-NCPPC, should be wider.
  • Open space requirements should be satisfied in part on the parcel where the storage building would be built.
  • Stormwater controls should be examined by MNCPPC and enhanced on Outlet Road.

For the full text of the letter including the illustrations please click on the link below:


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September Meeting Notes

Bicycle Master Plan

David Anspacher of the Planning Dept presented on the the Bicycle Master Plan in the works. It is intended to appeal to those with low tolerance for traffic stress (approx 51% of people).  See the presentation here.

5550 Friendship Blvd

Developer filed a Local Map Amendment to raise the permitted height in Sector Plan from 90 feet to 180 feet. The latest plan is that the existing building would remain, and a condo of 180 feet would be added (100 upscale condos). They are thinking of a small greenspace in front of the building being used as a dog park. Tentative hearing dates with Planning Board on Dec 7. On Oct 10, the developer will make a presentation to the Friendship Village Council. They will be presenting to CCCFH in our October meeting. Friendship Heights will vote to take a stance on their proposal after the presentation and has asked that the CCCFH do the same. 

Bethesda Downtown Plan

On the Council Agenda for tomorrow (9/19/17). The Sectional Map Amendment seems to be on track for approval. The SMA adopts the zoning proposed in the Sector Plan for over 200 properties. 

Westward Self Storage

CCCFH Issues: 

  • Portion of building in the Stream Valley Buffer 
  • Access: How are people accessing this building?
  • Compliance with zoning: Where are you measuring height from?
  • How will this all fit in with the greenway? Will there be a canyon effect.
  • Stormwater questions
  • Parcel 177 is the southeastern parcel of the cemetery – are they planning to build on it or dedicating it? 

Sept 12: New site plan looks very similar and has building height measuring point. They would like a tree variance as well. They also filed a response that is an 18 page document that seems to say they are willing to push back against the community concerns. 

There is a planning board meeting on Oct 19. This is an extension meeting at which the Planning Board is likely to extend the deadline to November. Staff report will come in early November. There is a decent amount of coordination needed on the CCCFH front in the next few months. 

Westbard Sector Plan: 

Reminder: Regency owns a lot of strip malls. They are in the retail business. Traditionally, retail developers do not switch over to residential development. It will be interesting to see if they flip the residential property to someone else and move forward with their retail developments.

Save Westbard Lawsuit: 

Oral arguments heard in August on two of the three claims (the procedural claims). A decision on either of these claims could cause a remand. The third claim is on illegal contract zoning and is scheduled to go to trial in October (this has since been rescheduled to January). 

The mediation process with the Baptist Church and the Cemetery is ongoing but confidential, so not much to report. 

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