Westbard – Prior to 2018

The Westbard Sector plan review process began in the summer of 2014.  The plan had not been updated since 1982 and was the one of the oldest Sector Plans in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Planning Department page

The Westbard Sector Plan was unanimously approved by the County Council May 2, 2016. (Press Release on County Council Unanimous Approval of Westbard Sector Plan)

CCCFH & Westbard

The CCCFH drafted guiding principles from resident suggestions, prior surveys and the 2008 Catholic University Study. CCCFH members represented these principles in meetings with the planning board and planning department.

CCCFH Handout at Spring 2015 Whitman Meeting

CCCFH Written Communications

Jan 21 Letter to County Council on Westbard

March 6 Comments on Staff Memo on Westbard with updated page 5

March 11 Comments on Westbard

April 25 2016 Westbard Sector Plan comments

CCCFH Letter to Member Communities – Westbard

October 2016 Written Testimony on Sectional Map Amendment

Gate at Landy Ln Intersection and Requested Traffic Signal

In addition to general advocacy for less density in the Sector, the CCCFH has pursued the requirement that the Washington Episcopal School (WES) gate be open during school operational hours to allow another access point to the school and decrease cut-through traffic in the surrounding neighborhoods.  In the 2008 zoning change process for the WES site, WES agreed to open the gate during operational hours, but has not done so.  Opening the gate is also needed to a justify a traffic signal at the the intersection of Landy Ln and River Rd, particularly relevant given the coming plans to develop senior housing on that site as well.

After a great deal of work, spanning many years, the CCCFH was successful in having the Planning Board require the opening of the gates during at least the peak morning and afternoon school drop-off and pick-up times.

CCCFH Comments on WES Gate April 20 2016

CCCFH Comments on WES Gate April 26 2016

CCCFH Exact Wording Change Email re WES Gate May 2 2016

Final Planning Board Language Regarding WES and Gate at Landy Ln

Equity One Sketch Plan

Equity One had their community pre-submission meeting on June 1, 2016.  This meeting is a pre-requisite to submitting their Sketch Plan to the Planning Department.  The sketch plan is intended to show that the developer intends to develop within the boundaries of the permitted zoning, but does not go into detail around how the blocks of space will be used (i.e., info like how many floors or retail, how many 2 bedrooms residential units, how many rentals vs. condos available is not available at this stage).

Equity One Sketch Plan (presentation from June 2016 pre-submission meeting)

Video of June 1 pre-submission meeting

Current Sketch Plan documents

CCCFH Comments on Equity One Resubmitted Sketch Plan October 2016

CCCFH Written Comments to Planning Board on Equity One Sketch Plan Feb 2017

Equity One Pre-Submission Meeting

Slideshow from Nov 29 Meeting

Video from Nov 29 Meeting

Willett Branch

The Willett Branch has been split into a number of different parcels.  Some portions of Willett Branch will not be improved for quite some time as they are not expected to be redeveloped – i.e., the parcels north of River Rd., and the sections underneath American Plant and the Roofing Center. Funding for the improvements will be a combination of public and private.

PHED packet on funding of the Willett Branch

Westbard Self-Storage

CCCFH Letter to Development Review Committee on the Westbard Self Storage Plan July 5, 2017

CCCFH Letter to Planning Board about Westbard Self Storage Sketch Plan November 17 2017

CCCFH Letter To Planning re: Self Storage Dec2017

Bill 24-17 Concerning Land Use Info for Burial Sites

CCCFH Letter to Council Re BILL NO 24-17 – Burial Sites – Site Plans, Building Permits October 5 2017

CCCFH Letter to County Council Re BILL NO 24-17 Concerning Land Use Info – Burial Sites November 17 2017


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